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Lady Squanda on the run?

Lady Squanda on the run?

By Kudzai Zvinavashe

Zimdancehall bad girl and bully Lady Squanda may have shown to the world she has the muscles to bash a fellow artiste when she abused comedian Tatenda Matika aka Abra Skimbo on camera last week but she has since fled from Zimbabwe; that is at least according to her victim.

Skimbo made the allegations while on StarFM on Monday evening.

Efforts to get a comment from Squanda proved fruitless as her number was unavailable and messages to her WhatsApp have not been replied.

The comedian said he had suffered images in the abuse that was filmed by Squanda’s accomplice.

Social media circles went ablaze when the video went viral with promoters, fellow musicians and fans expressing their disgust and initially showed defiance refusing to apologise.

She was to be struck off the touring list of the Bodyslam UK Madirirano tour by Bodyslam boss Simbarashe Malvern Chakare.

According to Skimbo the abuse was ignited by his weekly jest show Nhau DzeZimdancehall where he joked that she had stolen underwear at lodge that she had been booked in when she performed.

In the video Squanda with the aid of her two “bouncers” slap Skimbo repeatedly until they make him lick her feet before he is made to apologise to her fans.

“Shaya yakatopesana and nzeve hayisikunzwa mushe” (my jaw dislocated and my ear is hearing properly),” he told StarFM.

In an interview with Showbiz on Monday evening Skimbo said: “Squanda has since fled to South Africa after she learnt the cops were looking for her and I had laid charges.”

Squanda might be on the run but her co-conspirators are also wanted by the police, Skimbo is confident some arrests will be made in the coming days.

She has since issued an apology to her fans which ironically does not show any remorse as she does not apologise to her victim.