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Land Dispute Unveils Forgery Allegations and Political Intrigue

Land Dispute Unveils Forgery Allegations and Political Intrigue

The ongoing land dispute between Zanu PF Hurungwe East legislator Chenjerai Kangausaru and communal farmer Vincent Tendayi has taken a twist as Kangausaru faces fraud conviction for misrepresentation in the occupation of Chitonga Farm.

The farm’s former owner, war veteran Rex Chakwana, had allegedly ceded it to both parties on different occasions.

In a surprising revelation during court proceedings, it was uncovered that Kangausaru possessed two offer letters, each bearing different signatures.

One was signed by former Lands Minister Douglas Mombeshora, while the other carried the signature of his predecessor, Joseph Made.

Kangausaru, now convicted of fraud and forgery, is awaiting sentencing.

The roots of the dispute trace back to a civil matter that escalated into criminal charges. The affidavit dated November 24, 2021, titled “Chitonga Farm Lands Dispute,” revealed that the Hurungwe district lands committee, led by Andrew Tizora, advised against Kangausaru’s occupation of the farm. Other committee members included Joseph Nyagweta, Joseph Serima, and Richard Ziki.

According to the affidavit, in 2014, Chitonga Farm was re-planned into two subdivisions, with Chakwana allocated subdivision 1 and Mike Dube, a Zimbabwe National Army officer, assigned subdivision 2. In 2013, Chakwana ceded subdivision 1 to Vincent Tendayi, and in 2014, he made an agreement with Kangausaru for him to be on the farm.

Tendayi, seeking legal action, approached the national lands inspectorate, leading to the lands committee’s involvement.

The committee recommended withdrawing Tendayi’s offer letter and re-planning the subdivision due to violations by Chakwana.

A verification of the offer letter by C. Magauze, acting director in the Ministry of Lands, dated January 4, 2022, seemingly granted Kangausaru the right to the disputed farm.

This land dispute has brought to light alleged forgery, conflicting offer letters, and the involvement of prominent political figures, raising questions about the complexities surrounding land ownership and its intersection with legal and political dimensions.

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