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Late Singer’s Family Honors Zahara’s Memory By Gifting Guitar to Vusi Nova

Late Singer’s Family Honors Zahara’s Memory By Gifting Guitar to Vusi Nova

Following the passing of the acclaimed afro-pop singer in December at the age of 36, Vusi Nova, known by his real name Vusumzi Nongxa, received a heartfelt gift from Zahara’s family. Zahara, a close friend of Nova, tragically passed away after a month-long hospitalization. Throughout her hospital stay and funeral, Nova stood by the family’s side, offering support and solace.

ZaharaImage via Internet
Zahara Image via Internet

In a touching gesture, Zahara’s family presented Nova with a cherished item: her collection of guitars. Nova, deeply moved by the gesture, took to social media to express his gratitude, sharing the significance of the gift.

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“I can’t find the words, my heart is overwhelmed. Zahara’s family did something incredibly beautiful!” Nova wrote. “They delivered some of her beloved guitars and expressed that they knew she would have wanted me to have them. Thank you so much!”

Nova’s emotional tribute to Zahara was evident during her funeral at the East London International Convention Centre. Overwhelmed with grief, Nova delivered a poignant eulogy, honoring Zahara’s memory and their profound connection.

“Bulelwa was extraordinary, she was special,” Nova tearfully expressed. “For me, she was the one person who truly understood me, and I, her. Bulelwa took my secrets to the grave.”

Nova reiterated his promise to honor Zahara’s memory by safeguarding her secrets, echoing the deep bond they shared. As Nova continues to cherish Zahara’s legacy, the gift of her guitars serves as a poignant reminder of their enduring friendship and the profound impact she had on his life.

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