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Lethal Confrontation Erupts at Mfuleni Petrol Station Over Queue Dispute

A dispute over the right of way at a petrol pump took a deadly turn, resulting in the tragic death of a 35-year-old man at an Engen garage on Hindle Road in Mfuleni. The incident occurred on a Saturday evening.

France Mashaba, the deputy chairperson of the Mfuleni Community Policing Forum, revealed that the fatal altercation transpired between two customers arguing about who was first in line at the petrol pump. The confrontation escalated, leading to one of the individuals shooting and killing the 35-year-old victim in what Mashaba describes as a cold-blooded act.

While the deceased has not been identified, details about his origin remain unknown. Mashaba emphasized the need for further investigation, stating, “We don’t have all the information, so we can’t say he is from Mfuleni because his car registration is CF.”

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Police spokesperson Wesley Twigg confirmed that the shooting is currently under investigation. According to Twigg, the incident unfolded around 9 pm on Hindle Road, Mfuleni, where the victim was fatally shot following an argument with the suspect. The assailant fled the scene, and as of now, remains at large. A murder case has been registered for investigation.

Mashaba expressed concerns about the rising crime rate in Mfuleni, particularly incidents of shootings linked to gang activities. He highlighted the challenges faced by community projects and outreach efforts, stating, “Crime is going up, especially shootings, because of the gangsters. This time of the year we try to start projects and talk to people, but if you go one side, the shooting is on the other side and vice versa.”

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