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“Love Doesn’t Always Triumph”: Sonja Madzikanda Announces Split from Wicknell Chivayo

In a recent twist of fate, Sonja Madzikanda, the spouse of entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo, took to her social media handles to declare their parting of ways.

The declaration caught many off guard, igniting discussions and conjectures among their followers and admirers.

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In her online proclamation, Sonja Madzikanda remarked, “Chivayo is free to chart his course as a single man.” She disclosed her own single status, affirming that they are no longer a couple.

She added, “My children and I are coping well.” Gratefully, she acknowledged the support from those who had reached out to her during this period. Moreover, Sonja Madzikanda clarified that she and Wicknell Chivayo had been separated for some time, with the formal announcement of their breakup slated for the first of May.

She stressed that Chivayo is at liberty to pursue his interests as a single individual.

The news of their parting emerges amidst swirling rumors sparked by a recent photograph featuring Sonja Madzikanda alongside Tazvi Mhaka, a prominent personality.

This image only fueled speculation regarding the status of her relationship with Wicknell Chivayo.

The revelation of their split has captured the attention and elicited reactions from their followers, with many expressing astonishment and inquisitiveness about the circumstances leading to the separation.

As the news ripples through the public sphere, fans and observers await eagerly to witness how both parties navigate their individual paths forward.

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