Macheso cancels UK Trip


Another case of costly bungling by promoters has seen sungura king Alick Macheso cancelling his once-off show in the UK, which was set for tomorrow.

This means that the revered bassist will likely go about the whole weekend unpaid since shows are planned ahead for purposes of advertising in order to maximise on numbers.  Orchestra Mberikwazvo just issued a statement this afternoon stating the reasons for their failure to fulfill the gig.

Below is the full Press statement …

Every opportunity to interact with our fans across the world is treasured and it is with regret that we announce the canceling of our weekend UK gig. Much of the preparatory work had been done and we were hoping to get our visas by the beginning of this week so that we travel in time for the weekend affair.

However, some unforseen technicalities worked against this ideal and for that reason we were not able to travel to the UK. We take this opportunity to apologise to all our fans and stakeholders who were looking forward to enjoy the original sungura sound with us. Orchestra Mberikwazvo is your brand of choice and without your support we have no place in local arts. It is our hope that the challenges faced will be rectified so that we are able to hold the envisaged show in the not so distant future.

Keep supporting us and may the Lord keep you in all you do. Above all remember to stay true to yourself and keep the love going.

By Orchestra Mberikwazvo Management

The same thing happened last year when Macheso went on to cancel his shows, which were scheduled for Ireland.