Macheso-Tafadzwa debacle playing out all over again?

Macheso-Tafadzwa debacle playing out all over again?

When clinkers died in Alick Macheso “small house” the media was awash with all kinds of descriptions of his manhood with the most common one being dora (mopane worm) in reference to its size.

Macheso became the subject of ridicule and was labelled abusive after Fortunate Tafadzwa Mapako told the world that their musical darling would inset his mopane worm into his infant son’s mouth until he ejaculated as a procedure to treat his sunken fontanelle in a process called kutara.

Soon after the fall out, a track that had become a favourite for his fans at live shows became unbearable for Macheso to play as it had been dedicated to ‘the devil’ he had embraced in his bedroom.

Yet the same fans are seeing this playing out against yet another darling, this time in the name of Jah Prayzah.

While the scenarios are a bit different; we are witnessing an almost similar disappointment where his human side is exposed and he is under sever scrutiny.

Gonyeti in tears. pic The Herald
Gonyeti in tears. pic The Herald

Allegations by Gonyeti that Jah Prayzah sexually abused her and on multiple occasions forced her to have unprotected sex exposing her to sexually transmitted diseases have drawn the ire of every other feminist.

Everyone who is deemed normal has been expected to side with Gonyeti real name Pamela Zulu for she is still the victim in the whole issue.

The patriarchal systems have made it amply easy for the public to sympathise with a woman whenever such scandals are a subject of discussion because they are often the victim.

It was an almost similar case with Tafadzwa until people realised that she had been lying to court either sympathy and they finally realised that she was instead the villain.


But however at this juncture the emotions that have so far raged have not been informed by facts.
Jah Prayzah’s die hard fans have rubbished everything that Gonyeti has said simply because they cannot believe their celebrity could ever do that.

It is common that there are women that fall over each other at live gigs just trying to get close to a celebrity like Jah Prayzah and would jump at any chance to befriend him let alone get between the sheets with him.

Jah Prayzah is human after all and those who resent him are probably celebrating his “impending fall” minus the facts.

Not to dispute whatever allegation that has been levelled against the singer but emotions have already clouded people’s judgment and for some time they forget to reason and it is normal.

Personal life of a celebrity

But Jah Prayzah and Gonyeti are human and being adults they are old enough to make own choices and it is almost evident they made their choices. Whether it pleases anyone or not; this is where their choices have brought them.

The character furnace

But inevitably; their fall out has brought irreparable damage. Like the finest of gold they have to come out of the furnace to prove their characters.

Either party; like Macheso and Tafadzwa, has to stand the pressure emanating from their fall out. While feminists will be baying for Jah Prayzah’s blood, his fans will be crucifying Gonyeti.

Jah Prayzah
Jah Prayzah

That she has gone solo may mean trouble for her as she may suffer rejection from the fans that she so much needs at this juncture.

For Jah Prayzah, the purported villain, he also has to defuse the damage that the scandal will causer in the corporate world where a soiled image is bad for any business.

Those circumcision campaigns have been dented and he has to redeem himself together with them.

For Jah Prayzah’s wife it will be just as grueling as it was for Nyadzisai when she had to live with all the dirty linen strewn by her co-wife in public.

“Colonel mandikanganwaa…aaah sorry Gonyeti!” Does this sound familiar?

Compare with, “Tafadzwa Nyararaaa unyararisee…”

The first line is part of one of Jah Prayzah’s song where he pays tribute to his band members and appears to forget Gonyeti while the other is part of Alick Macheso’s track Tafadzwa.

Realistic abuse or sour grapes, we just have to let this one play and trust me; we are up for an exciting time.