Macheso’s Kudzwai could be a hit


Thousands of music lovers that graced the Commissioner-General of Police’s Funfair at Morris Depot last weekend got more than they had bargained for.

Alick Macheso entertaining thousands of people who graced the Commissioner General’s Police Funfare held in Harare recently.

King of sungura, Alick Macheso, was in his element. Despite delivering his usual dose, the Madhawu hit-singer, inspired by the crowds ended up doing the unthinkable. He played a full track from his forthcoming album expected before year end.

For a moment, the guitar maestro forgot that pirates live for such mishaps, and dropped what could be a hit song from his much anticipated release.

Titled Kudzwai, the song left many convinced that the veteran musician is, like wine, getting better with age. Although, he played for longer than most artists, Macheso’s fans were still left unquenched as one song after the other, he mesmerised the fully packed stadium.

Also known as Baba Shero, Macheso, who is currently sampling snippets from his upcoming album, was in a no nonsense mood. The usual guitar antics by the sungura king and his lead guitar Noel Nyazanda were taken to another level on the new song.

People have already started circulating the live recordings of the song on various social media platforms. In an exclusive interview with Showbiz a few days after the inspired set, the Mai Varubhi singer expressed concern over circulating audios and live show versions of the song. Macheso confirmed that he has indeed seen the videos and heard the audios.

“I have heard the song being played already and I have seen the videos taken from our live shows, it’s the people who record with their phones at our shows. That’s why you see me playing only a single song to the end; I am trying to avoid the issue of piracy,” explained Macheso.

“However, I will try by all means to give varungu vedu (fans) the best they deserve, that’s why we are working tirelessly in the studio.”

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