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Mafume Harare Mayor Advocates for 911-Like Emergency Service

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume has expressed concern over the absence of a dedicated emergency short code following a fire incident in the central business district on Sunday night.

The cause of the fire, which occurred at the corner of Speke and Julius Nyerere Way opposite Joina City, is yet to be determined. Although the fire brigade responded promptly, Mafume highlighted that the public faces challenges in reporting emergencies due to the lengthy contact numbers currently in use.

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“We have consistently advocated for network service providers to allocate us a dedicated short code to expedite emergency calls. The existing numbers are too complex, making it difficult for people to reach out in times of need,” Mafume stated.

He emphasized the necessity for a streamlined service line akin to 911, urging providers to address this issue promptly. Discussions regarding this matter have been ongoing, according to Mayor.

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