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Magz Blasts Olinda: Accuses Her of Cloud Chasing on Ollah 7 Podcast

Magz Blasts Olinda: Accuses Her of Cloud Chasing on Ollah 7 Podcast

In a surprising revelation on Tuesday’s Ollah 7 Podcast, Michael Magz took aim at Olinda Chapel-Nkomo for what he described as relentless “cloud chasing.”

The incident occurred following Olinda Chapel’s financial support to Holy Ten during their performance at the Zim Fest in the United Kingdom last year.

During the podcast, Magz disclosed that Holy Ten had received money from Olinda Chapel, which he later handed over to Magz.

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However, instead of keeping the money or sharing it after the performance, Magz opted to throw it into the crowd.

In explaining his actions, Magz stated, “Why did Holy Ten give me the money? He was supposed to put it in his pocket or share the money later after the performance.”

Magz continued, expressing his concern about Olinda Chapel’s alleged penchant for seeking attention.

“You know, Olinda, if I kept that money in my pockets, she was going to gain popularity over that because of her cloud chasing. So, I decided to throw it away because I am not cheap like that,” Magz asserted.

He further elaborated on his perspective, drawing a comparison with another artist’s recent performance.

“For example, did you see that person who gave Silent Killer money on the stage during his recent UK performance? We only saw Ngwere counting the money; that is correct, not what Olinda did to show that she rules. I don’t accept that,” Magz remarked.

In a recent development, Michael Magz has left Sanyamanga Records, citing controversial claims and a strained relationship with Holy Ten.

The public criticism directed at Olinda Chapel adds another layer to the ongoing saga, raising questions about the dynamics within the Zimbabwean entertainment industry.


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