Mai TT Claps Back at Social Media Fan Amidst Prison Video Controversy

Mai TT Claps Back at Social Media Fan Amidst Prison Video Controversy

In a surprising turn of events, popular Zimbabwean comedian and social media personality, Mai TT, born Felistats Murata, found herself at the center of controversy when a fan commented on her trending video  featuring prison officers.

The incident unfolded on social media, where Mai TT is known for her candid and unfiltered interactions with fans.

This comes after Mai TT , paid a courtesy call to the ZPCS Commissioner General MCN Chihobvu with his visionary and transformational leadership to show them that she is now a changed person today.

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The fan in question, Mukomana Wekusheedzera, took to the comments section, writing, “Hey hey zvivindi ko ukabatwa ukadzoserwa” (Hey, what’s with the prison vibes – are you planning on returning?).

The comment seemingly hinted at the possibility of Mai TT finding herself back behind bars.

Unfazed by the remark, Mai TT responded with a fiery comeback, asking, “You think kunotyisa here? I actually prefer prison than outside.”

The unexpected response left many followers intrigued, sparking a flurry of reactions and speculation about the comedian’s recent experiences.

The backstory to Mai TT’s prison-related posts lies in her recent legal troubles. The entertainer was convicted of theft of trust property, leading to her imprisonment. However, she recently made headlines after successfully appealing her conviction, resulting in her release.

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Mai TT’s time behind bars appears to have left a lasting impact on her perspective, as evidenced by her surprising preference for prison over the outside world.

The statement raises questions about the challenges she may be facing beyond the prison walls and what has led her to express such a sentiment.

The comedian’s journey through the legal system has been closely followed by her fans, and her unapologetic response to Mukomana Wekusheedzera’s comment adds another layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative. Mai TT’s ability to confront criticism head-on, coupled with her openness about her experiences, continues to captivate and engage her audience.

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