Man Abducted and S*xually Assaulted by New Start Centre Employees

A disturbing incident unfolded when a a 24-year-old man was kidnapped and s*xually assaulted by two men who were part of a team that was conducting an HIV awareness campaign by the New Start Centre.

Lionel Chipunza and Edwin Geni, both affiliated with the campaign, appeared in court before regional magistrate Donald Ndirowei, facing charges of abduction and sexual assault.

Remanded into custody, they were directed to seek bail from the High Court.

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According to court proceedings, the events transpired last Wednesday at the Candy Shopping Centre in Southlea Park, where Chipunza and his colleagues conducted HIV testing and awareness activities.

The victim, expressing interest in testing, provided his personal information as part of the procedure.

Subsequently, Chipunza purportedly invited the victim to a youth program scheduled at Hopley Old Clinic.

Additionally, he extended an invitation to a drug awareness session on Friday, which the victim attended. It was during this event that Chipunza initiated discussions about the victim’s background, learning that he worked as a driver.

Seizing upon this information, Chipunza offered assistance in securing employment.

Chipunza then proposed a visit to his brother at the Blue Complex Shops in Hopley, although this arrangement took an unexpected turn when the brother failed to appear promptly.

In the midst of this delay, a black Honda Fit arrived, carrying unidentified individuals.

Seizing the opportunity, Chipunza and Geni forcibly ushered the victim into the vehicle, transporting him to Chipunza’s residence.

At this point, Chipunza coerced the victim into ingesting a tablet under threat of a knife before subjecting him to s*xual assault.

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