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Man Drags Second Wife To Court For Failure To Contribute 50% Household Expenses 

Man Drags Second Wife To Court For Failure To Contribute 50% Household Expenses 

A resident of Harare, Norman Takawira, has taken legal action in the civil courts, requesting that his second wife, Chipo Choga, contribute 50% towards their household expenses. The matter was brought before Harare magistrate Ayanda Dlamini.

During the court proceedings, Takawira informed Magistrate Dlamini that the situation in their polygamous relationship had become tumultuous since his second wife filed for maintenance last month. This action, he claimed, prompted his first wife to consider making a similar claim for financial support.

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Takawira explained, “We have been living peacefully as I provided for both my wives and four children, but the respondent decided to drag me to court claiming US$60 in maintenance. My other wife has also been hinting that she will also approach the courts and claim her own share of maintenance since I am paying [the other wife].”

Citing a loss of income, Takawira argued that, given the circumstances, his second wife should contribute to the family’s financial well-being as she is currently the only one employed among the three family members. He asserted that her salary, which includes both US dollars and Zimdollar components, should be utilized for the benefit of the family.

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Accusing Choga of dishonesty regarding her income, Takawira contended, “She was not honest about her salary the last time we appeared in court. She can afford to contribute towards the families’ upkeep more than me.”

In response, Choga opposed her husband’s application, asserting that he was attempting to evade his maintenance responsibilities. Expressing frustration, she remarked, “I am tired of him because we were in here two weeks ago, but he is already dragging me back to court.”

Despite Takawira’s plea for a reduction in the US$60 maintenance amount ordered in November, Magistrate Dlamini dismissed the application. The court ruling maintained the previously determined maintenance obligation.

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