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Man Duped by Imposter ‘Prosecutor’ Tom Muzanga, Loses US$2,500

A man named Tedius Tagarira lost $2,500 to a fake prosecutor who pretended to help release his relative from jail. The fake prosecutor, Tom Muzanga, tricked Tagarira and his cousin, Charles Kamhuka, by claiming he could get their relative, Advance Kamhuka, out of remand prison.

Muzanga asked for $3,000, but Tagarira only had $2,500, so he gave that to Muzanga. Muzanga promised to free Kamhuka the next day, but it didn’t happen, and Kamhuka stayed in jail.

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When Tagarira asked Muzanga why Kamhuka wasn’t released, Muzanga said he was on vacation. Tagarira tried to get his money back, but Muzanga avoided him and even changed his phone number.

Tagarira later found out that Tom Muzanga was not a real prosecutor. Now, Muzanga is facing charges in court.

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