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A man, married but caught in a compromising situation, found himself detained on Tuesday night in the confines of his lover’s residence ,held captive in his mistress bedroom

Mack Chiwanga, in a desperate plea for assistance, revealed his predicament after being ensnared within the bedroom of his paramour, Alice Chirwa. His wife remained unaware of his whereabouts.

Chiwanga alleged that Alice had enticed him to her home, subsequently locking him in and withholding the keys.

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“Please H-Metro can you rush here like now,” implored Mack around 2 am. “This woman seduced me and lured me to her residence, where she locked me in. She refuses to release me to return home to Zengeza 5. She has hidden the keys.”

“Akuramba kundivhurira kuti ndiyende kumba kwangu kuZengeza 5.  

“Aviga makeys.

“While we have encountered a burglary incident, I am confident I can return home safely this time, as vendors are now journeying to marketplaces.”

Alice acknowledged detaining Chiwanga, contending that her actions were for his protection from potential robbers.

“I secured the door because of the darkness and the risk of harm he might face if he were to walk home without a vehicle,” she explained.

“It’s better for him to reach home alive than to risk his life. I won’t unlock until it’s safe for him to travel, especially after witnessing a severe robbery where a man was assaulted, and the culprits fled, leaving him wounded.”

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