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Man Obtains Protection Order Against Wife for Violence and Property Damage

Man Obtains Protection Order Against Wife for Violence and Property Damage

A man recently sought a protection order against his wife at the Harare Civil Court following allegations of violence, assault, and property damage.

Jesnine Nhapu accused his wife, Rumbidzai Nyakonda, of insulting his contracted school and threatening to destroy projects associated with his work.

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Additionally, Nhapu claimed that Nyakonda poured water on his machines, leading him to fear for his safety and well-being.

During the court proceedings, Nhapu expressed his concern about encountering his wife in public, as he feared further physical assault.

He specifically requested that Nyakonda refrain from visiting his workplace, even as a customer.

Nyakonda, however, opposed the application, arguing that if the protection order were granted, it would deprive her of access to services that she requires.

She stated that the last time she visited Nhapu’s workplace was in 2021, during an incident of violence.

Nyakonda also mentioned that Nhapu had moved out of their shared home on October 16. She expressed her desire to understand Nhapu’s plans regarding their child and requested her share of the jointly-owned property.

After considering the arguments presented, Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Nhapu the protection order. She advised Nyakonda to seek assistance from the Maintenance Court regarding matters related to child welfare.

The ruling aims to ensure the safety and well-being of Nhapu, given the alleged incidents of violence and property damage.

The case highlights the importance of addressing domestic disputes through legal channels and seeking appropriate remedies to protect the rights and safety of individuals involved.

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