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Man Stabbed and Robbed Of $14,000

Man Stabbed and Robbed Of $14,000

In a disturbing incident, a gang of five individuals, offering a seemingly friendly lift, turned violent and robbed a pedestrian of US$14,035 and a cellphone.

The robbery unfolded on December 15, 2023, along Mutare Road near Ruwa, when the unsuspecting victim accepted the lift from the Simon Muzenda bus terminus in Harare CBD to Mutare.

The suspects, traveling in a Honda CRV vehicle, attacked the complainant with a knife, inflicting wounds on the thigh and back.

The assailants then made off with a substantial amount of cash and the victim’s cellphone.

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Harare police are now seeking any information that could lead to the identification and arrest of the perpetrators.

Authorities have urged anyone with relevant details about the incident to report to the nearest police station to aid in the ongoing investigation.

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