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Man’s Affairs Lead to Mysterious Skin Disease

Man Blames Romantic Relationships for Mysterious Skin Disease

Thomas Simani, a 37-year-old resident of Mt Hampden, Harare, is grappling with a mysterious skin ailment believed to be linked to his relationships with married women. The condition has left him in distress, with thick layers of sores intermittently shedding from his body, accompanied by dust upon touch.

Disturbing images circulated on social media showcase Simani’s head covered in sores, his hair barely visible, and his skin turning pale.


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Simani attributes the onset of his affliction to his romantic involvements with five married women. He suspects that one of these women’s husbands may have used juju, traditional African magic, leading to his current predicament.

Whether Simani has sought medical intervention remains undisclosed, and his conviction in the spiritual cause of his ailment raises concerns about the appropriate course of action.

Community members, knowledgeable about traditional practices, have advised Simani to seek assistance from a traditional healer. Additionally, he is encouraged to locate the husband of the woman he was involved with and comply with any prescribed remedy to alleviate his condition.

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