Mapfumo Urges Winky D: Stand with the People, Challenge Authority Amidst Media Blackout

Mapfumo Urges Winky D: Stand with the People, Challenge Authority Amidst Media Blackout

Exiled musician Thomas Mapfumo has called upon Winky D to align himself with the populace and boldly confront authority amidst reports of media blackout and clashes with officials.

The US based, issued these comments in response to Winky D’s absence from national radio and ZBC TV airplay since the launch of his album “Eureka Eureka” last year.

I performed with him in England and told him this fight isn’t for the faint at heart,” Mapfumo said.

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According to the Standard, the report explicitly declared, “The ongoing suppression of gatherings and meetings by the opposition, artists, critics, and human rights defenders by the authorities flagrantly violates the right to freedom of assembly.”

The lead singer of The Vigilance Band has come under fire from the ruling party for his politically charged lyrics, with Zanu PF spokesperson Farai Marapira accusing Winky D of using his artistic platform to criticize the government, which they argue fosters despondency.

It is unfortunate that Winky D, an artiste relevant (sic) because of a decided Zanu PF policy in the early 2000s to uplift local art has taken the same gift handed to him to attack the benevolent hand,” Marapira said.

“As a political party we have a right to assess his actions and respond politically also, of course as always within the tenets of the law. Let it be also known that as his musical star wanes he has decided to delve into politics to hopefully get attention and more views on his ailing musical career. A mammoth party like Zanu PF is not really bothered by a miniscule actor such as him because everyone seeks relevance by speaking about the party.” added Marapira.

“He needs to be vigilant. He should stand with the people and resist the pressure of the oppressors even if they try to sabotage or persecute him.”

“We see Zanu PF giving cars to some musicians while victimising others, who aren’t party cheerleaders,” Mapfumo added.

In January, a report from Human Rights Watch shed light on Winky D’s situation and depicted a troubling portrayal of human rights in Zimbabwe, outlining numerous violations carried out by the authorities.

“On March 4th, 2023, police shut down the show of popular musician Wallace Chirimiko, better known as Winky D,” the report states. “The reggae-dancehall artist had recently released an album with lyrics critical of social and political injustice, corruption, and the economic meltdown in Zimbabwe.”



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