Maroja, Silent Killer have a message for ‘Ghetto Youths’


THIS is not the first time for Zim dancehall and urban grooves to combine forces – but this one is certainly explosive.

Maroja (Extra Large) and the Angel of War (Silent Killer) have penned a song ‘Hustle‘ for ghetto youths encouraging them to not just stay home but work hard to improve their lives and those of their families. In an interview with Showbiz, one half of Extra Large, Jimmy Mangezi, explained the song was inspired by “worrying behaviour” among local ghetto youths that are comfortable with just “sitting at home and doing nothing”.

“We realised that our music has so much influence on the youths and we tend to be the role models. We were also motivated by other musicians who did songs preaching to youths to stop drug abuse, therefore, we went on to try and focus on this most problematic issue,” said Mangezi.

Because of the rise in drug abuse and high crime rates in the ghetto, Jimmy said that their motive was generally to inform youths to do something productive provided it is not against the law of the land.

“Our motive is to keep the youths off drugs and crime; they should do something productive with their lives because we all have equal chances to become successful. It now depends with how inspired one is,” he said.

“In one of the lines in the song, we sang: Pakutsvaga mari ita zvese zvese, as long as zvisingasungise,” we believe in this and that is why we are spreading this message.

Mangezi also spoke about Extra Large’s decision to collaborate with Silent Killer.

“We decided to do this particular song with Silent Killer because he is one artist whose message has been misinterpreted by the same youths. We are bringing it out in the song tichiti; Silent killer is an artist and is making a living in the right path.

“In the other line we sang; Ndezvekudhara zvekushora dzedu ngoma, muchiseka muchingoti ndedzefodya.”