Mazowe Mining Company Recommence

Mazowe Mining Company Recommence

Mazowe Mining Company (MMC) announced on Monday its intention to recommence underground mining activities, which were halted in 2019 due to an incursion by artisanal miners into its minefields.

Following the clearance of the artisanal miners, partly facilitated by a government directive halting all underground artisanal mining until the end of the rainy season, MMC is now poised to resume operations.

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The directive came in response to a string of underground accidents involving artisanal miners, attributed to unstable grounds softened by rainfall.

In a statement, MMC outlined its plans for the resumption of underground operations, emphasizing the need for extensive rehabilitation of mining areas, including shafts, to ensure utmost safety.

“The decision to resume underground operations is essential to guarantee safe mining practices, thereby preventing loss of life and injuries to miners, while also safeguarding local communities and the environment,” the statement read.

“As a result, MMC is discontinuing all unsafe near-surface mining activities in favor of more secure operations underground. Operating through shafts will provide a safer environment for miners and the community, while also contributing significantly to the national economy and supporting related industries.”

MMC, a subsidiary of Metallon Corporation, specializes in gold mining.

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