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Mdhara vachauya fever grips Harare

Mdhara Vachauya fever grips Harare

By Silence Charumbira

Showbiz Editor

Call it shrewdness, marketing, aggression or whatever you may like but the fact is Mdhara Vachauya is on its way.

The euphoria in the city betrays the secrete.

On Friday over 100 shoppers bought themselves into the Harare edition of the forthcoming double bill show scheduled for August 12.

At the draws that were held in the 25 shops in Harare some lucky shoppers who bought Pure Drop cooking oil while Jah Prayzah was in the shop were declared automatic winners

Keen Mushapaidze, Jah Prayzah’s manager said they had to give out 125 tickets Friday in response to the overwhelming response.

Jah Prayzah Pure Drop flier

“We ended up giving 125 VIP tickets in Harare as a way of showing gratitude to Surface Wilmar our main sponsor who have done exceedingly well; in fact more than we expected in terms of funding the project. We so it fit to reward the people who in turn support the Pure Drop brand. If we could reward everyone we could have done that but we just had to settle for a few,” Mushapaidze said.

“Apart from buying the brand, it takes a lot of time and effort to fill in that form and we are overwhelmed with the effort. One can just buy and go but the effort is deserving of reward.”

He said in terms of preparations for the launches everything was going on according to the plan.

“We are just left with a few logistical issues that still being sorted out. The CDs are almost done and what is left is not even worth mentioning,” he said.

“As many may be aware we have done one video in France and we will be going to South Africa on Sunday for another video so everything is on course.”

He said they were also receiving overwhelming responses from fans who are subscribing for the road trip on August 13 to Bulawayo where he hold another launch party in the city of Kings and Queens.

Jah Prayzah Road trip flier

Jah Prayzah departs Harare on Sunday aboard a South African Airways flight at 7pm where he will shoot the video for his track Tora mari a collaboration with Tanzanian Diamond.

He leaves South Africa on Wednesday and heads to United States of America before proceeding to Canada on August 2.