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Meet The Exceptional Grade 5 Pupil Who Achieved Distinctions in Grade 7 Exams

Meet The Exceptional Grade 5 Pupil Who Achieved Distinctions in Grade 7 Exams

In a remarkable feat of intellect, PraiseGod Chapepa, a Grade 5 pupil, has achieved outstanding results in her Grade 7 final exams, excelling in all six subjects—English, Mathematics, Agriculture, Science and Tech, Shona, Social Science, and Physical Education and Arts.

The 12-year-old prodigy, who attends Angels Island Private School in Chitungwiza, has demonstrated her exceptional abilities by challenging herself to undertake exams meant for students two grades above her current level.

“I was supposed to be in Grade 6 next year, but I decided to write my Grade 7 exams where I scored six distinctions. I felt like I could make it, and I did. I had confidence since I want to pursue my profession in seven years’ time; that’s why I decided to skip,” explained PraiseGod.

Expressing her aspirations, PraiseGod shared, “I want to be a neurologist or a lawyer because I want to help those who are vulnerable. I have been receiving prizes for academics, spellings, mathematics, and good handwriting. I am my own role model; I love singing and enjoy writing scripts.”

Her mother, Melissa, conveyed that PraiseGod’s success did not come as a surprise to the family. She highlighted PraiseGod’s exceptional qualities, stating, “Since she was born, we saw that she was exceptional since she is someone who always wanted to argue. She would want everything she wanted to be done in her favor, and that alone indicated to us that she was extraordinary.”

“She is very critical and inquisitive, and we are happy as a family and prepared to support her dream,” added Melissa.

PraiseGod Chapepa’s achievements underscore the importance of nurturing and supporting exceptional talents in education, paving the way for a promising future in her chosen fields of neurology or law.


Source; H-metro

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