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Meet The Nigerian Prophet Who Killed George Chigova

Meet The Nigerian Prophet Who Killed George Chigova

A video has surfaced online depicting a Nigerian prophet advising the late SuperSport United goalkeeper, George Chigova, to dismiss his heart condition diagnosis.

Chigova tragically passed away in his sleep at his Johannesburg home on November 15, 2023.

The former Zimbabwe Warriors goalminder had been sidelined from football since July, following a collapse during a training session with SuperSport United.

His sudden demise on November 15 left fans and the football community in mourning.

The video gaining traction online captures a moment when George Chigova engaged with a Nigerian prophet. In the footage, the church leader inquired about the status of Chigova’s contract extension with SuperSport United.

Chigova responded, revealing that the process was delayed due to the discovery of a weak and irregular heart.

The Nigerian prophet contested the diagnosis, asserting that Chigova’s heart was, in fact, healthy. He suggested that the alleged health issues were merely a product of negative thoughts, insinuating that the diagnosis might have been manipulated to hinder Chigova from securing a new football contract.

As news of the video spread, it added a controversial layer to the circumstances surrounding Chigova’s health and raised questions about the influence of such prophetic encounters on individuals’ decisions regarding medical diagnoses.

The tragic timeline leading to Chigova’s passing included a period of inactivity since July, a sudden collapse during training, and now, the emergence of a video where a prophet seemingly challenges the medical assessment of his heart condition.

Fans and the football community are grappling with the complexities of these revelations as they mourn the loss of a talented goalkeeper.

The video has sparked discussions about the intersection of faith, medical advice, and the potential impact on athletes’ careers.