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Minister Takes Action Against ZBC Presenters For Controversial Remarks On Lobengula

Minister Takes Action Against ZBC Presenters for Controversial Remarks on Lobengula

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services, Jenfan Muswere, has taken decisive steps in response to scandalous remarks made by two television presenters on a recent ZBC program. The remarks included justifying colonialism and mocking Ndebele King Lobengula Khumalo for allegedly selling the country for sugar to imperial Britain.

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Muswere not only dismissed the Dr. Josaya Tai-led ZBC board but also suspended the two presenters due to their offensive and divisive comments. The decision was reportedly influenced by performance, oversight, and corporate governance issues at ZBC, as well as concerns about the presenters’ insensitive remarks.

During the discussion, one of the presenters, in a moment of ignorance, repeated the discredited colonial myth that Lobengula sold the country for sugar, with some suggesting even for a mirror. The minister found their show scandalous and decided to take swift action.

Sources revealed that one of the suspended presenters, Magada, was previously involved in a sex scandal with veteran broadcaster Robson Mhandu. Last year, Mhandu faced backlash for demanding sexual favors from Magada to approve her transfer request. The incident exposed Mhandu’s crude and aggressive behavior, leading to his disgrace.

The dismissed ZBC board, chaired by Dr. Josaya Tai, is undergoing a change, with Muswere reportedly considering new appointments for both ZBC and Zimpapers boards. This move is expected to be followed by editorial changes in key state media organizations, signaling a broader transformation in the media landscape.

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