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Mjolo Destroys Founder Of WORLD Harvest Ministries’ 32 Year Marriage

Mjolo Destroys Founder Of WORLD Harvest Ministries’ 32 Year Marriage

The founder of WORLD Harvest Ministries, Frederick Shumba, has been granted a divorce by High Court judge Justice Fatima Maxwell, following accusations of multiple adulterous affairs by his wife of 32 years, Consilia Shumba.

Consilia filed for divorce, citing an irretrievable breakdown of their marriage. In her legal documents, she alleged that Shumba publicly accused her of prostitution while engaging in numerous extramarital relationships himself. She also claimed that Shumba accused her of attempting to harm him on three separate occasions.

According to the divorce summons, the couple was married on September 7, 1991, and had three children. Consilia asserted that Shumba committed adultery with multiple women and treated her cruelly, leading to the breakdown of their marital relationship. She accused him of desertion for over three years and claimed that he declared in front of family members that he no longer loved her and had effectively “divorced” her.

Consilia proposed a distribution plan for the assets acquired during their marriage and requested that each party bear their own costs. She accused Shumba of attempting to exclude her from their marital assets by forming a trust in his name. She demanded that properties in the trust be subject to distribution, including the matrimonial home in Norton, stands in Norton and Gweru, and additional assets.

She argued that she should be awarded the house in Norton, considering it the matrimonial home, along with the stands in Norton and Gweru. She suggested that Shumba receive a house in Poorle Road, Twinlakes, Norton, and a commercial stand for lodges in Kariba.

Consilia contended that she was receiving less in value than what she proposed for Shumba, emphasizing that they had built their wealth together. She highlighted their joint venture in a car selling business before Shumba transitioned from employment to become a full-time pastor.

Shumba contested, claiming that the assets belonged to the church and were not available for distribution. He argued that the six-hectare agricultural plot in Norton was State land and not subject to distribution.

Justice Maxwell ultimately granted Consilia a stand in Norton as her sole and exclusive property, while awarding Shumba a commercial stand in Kariba.

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