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More Details On Mufakose Butcher Unveiled: The Mother Of The Murdered Child Had Found A Mbinga & Dumped Thomas

More Details On Mufakose Butcher Unveiled: The Mother Of The Murdered Child Had Found A Mbinga & Dumped Thomas

The butcher of Mufakose, Thomas Nyamhunga, who brutally stabbed and killed one of his girlfriend’s children in a murderous rampage, had reportedly abandoned his own family for a staggering two years as he became entangled in an extramarital affair.

His wife, Virginia Denhere, shared the harrowing details exclusively with H-Metro.

Thomas, in a remorseful confession to his wife after the heinous act on Sunday night, admitted to messing up his life due to the extramarital affair.

Disturbingly, he hinted at the possibility of taking his own life, expressing apologies to Virginia and pleading with her to care for their four children.

After the crime, Thomas went into hiding in the Retreat neighborhood of the capital, where he was eventually apprehended at approximately 3 am the following day.

Virginia Denhere recounted the unraveling of their family life, attributing Thomas’s downfall to his two-year affair with a woman named Needmore Mauka. She described a husband who, over the years, transformed from a deeply religious man to one struggling with alcoholism, a transformation she squarely places on the influence of Needmore.

“I suffered a miscarriage because of Needmore,” shared Virginia, adding, “My children suffered because of Needmore.” She went on to accuse Needmore of “bewitching” Thomas and turning him into a neglectful father who prioritized Needmore’s family over his own.

Despite the challenges in their relationship, Virginia expressed shock that Thomas, in his darkest moment, resorted to killing, especially innocent children. She also revealed that Thomas blamed Needmore for leading him into a path of alcohol consumption, alleging that she played a role in causing him to forget his responsibilities as a father.

“Although Needmore emotionally and physically abused me, I did not expect Thomas to kill,” lamented Virginia, expressing sympathy for Needmore.

Thomas reportedly sent a message to Virginia after the crime, seeking forgiveness. Virginia later found him hiding at her younger sister’s house, where he had sought refuge before his arrest.

Thomas continued to blame Needmore for his downfall, claiming she lured him into alcohol consumption and turned away from him just weeks before the tragic incident.

The heartbreaking saga further unfolds with Needmore allegedly messaging Thomas, claiming that her new lover, Stan, was a better partner because he did not engage in conflicts. Virginia asserted that all the property at Needmore’s home was purchased by Thomas.

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