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‘Mr Bean’ comes to Zimbabwe

Mr Bean comes to Zimbabwe

By Silence Charumbira

Showbiz Editor

Remember Rowan Atkinson; famous for his mute comics like Charlie Chaplin.

They call him Mr Bean.

Yes him.

Hold on a moment.

Ugandan Anne Kansiime will testify that Zimbabweans are so careless with their ribs that they patronise comedy shows without too much restrain.

She has come to Zimbabwe for the second time now and the ribs on these shores have not been broken not because she did not perform enough to crack them; but Zimbabwean just love comedy.

But Splash Paint and Plastic have a secret they have been hiding for some time now; that they are bringing in Mr Bean.

I mean; his look alike Pak Bean will be coming to Harare for a solid five days.

According to a statement by Splash Paints, Pak will be brought into the country courtesy of a partnership with a local promoter.

This is after the company brought in one of the world’s tallest men Billal Hyder last year for the Harare Agricultural Show.

He is expected to perform alongside Doc Vikela and Simba the Comic King.

The organisers of the event said they had ensured that they would be giving away several gifts to lucky winners among them flash drives, caps, Mr Bean Dolls and other plastic products.

“The full schedule of events that we have organised for the comedian will ensure that thousands of Zimbabweans across the country get a chance to see his performances and enjoy many freebies from our different venues. We have organised several promotions at all Bhola Hardware branches where some lucky Bhola customers could get tickets to have dinner with the comedian at a private venue,” read the statement.

“We also have several competitions running on our Facebook page that could see our Facebook followers and customers winning some of the limited free VIP tickets to the event.”