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Mr Candy & Holy Ten: Unbeatable Duo Dominates Afro-Fusion Scene with Back-to-Back Hits!

Mr Candy & Holy Ten: Unbeatable Duo Dominates Afro-Fusion Scene with Back-to-Back Hits!

AFRO-FUSION artiste Mr Candy and rising rap sensation Holy Ten have proven that their partnership is a winning formula as they continue to churn out hit after hit.

The dynamic duo first collaborated two years ago on the chart-topping track “Marisa,” featuring Michael Magz, which quickly captured the hearts of music lovers across the nation.

Building on their initial success, Mr Candy and Holy Ten released another banger eleven months ago titled “Pressure,” which solidified their status as some of the hottest acts in the local music scene.

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The accompanying music video for “Pressure” even made its way to the top 10 trending videos on YouTube, further cementing the duo’s popularity.

Today, fans and music enthusiasts can look forward to yet another exciting release from Mr Candy and Holy Ten. The pair is dropping their latest single, aptly titled “I Do.” Anticipation is high as listeners eagerly await the musical masterpiece that these talented artists have undoubtedly crafted.

In an exclusive interview with H-Metro, Mr Candy shared his perspective on the music industry and his collaboration with Holy Ten.

He emphasized that his approach to music is centered around a journey, rather than a race to outshine other artists. Mr Candy expressed his gratitude for the support and encouragement he has received from fellow musicians such as Qounfuzed, the late Garry Mapanzure, and his producer and manager, King Chief, among others.

With a firm belief that music is a medium to spread love and positivity, Mr Candy remains focused on creating music that resonates with audiences on a global scale.

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His collaboration with Holy Ten has been a fruitful and enjoyable experience, with their creative process centered around meeting up at the studio and letting their musical chemistry take the reins.

As fans eagerly await the release of “I Do,” it is evident that Mr Candy and Holy Ten are a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Their ability to consistently produce captivating music demonstrates their talents and dedication to their craft. The collaboration between these two artists promises to bring a fresh and exciting sound to the ears of music lovers, solidifying their place as some of the most promising acts in the AFRO-FUSION and rap genres.

Music enthusiasts are advised to keep an eye out for “I Do” and to prepare themselves for another hit from the dynamic duo of Mr Candy and Holy Ten.

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