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Mthuli Ncube Now Charging Tax On Spectacles

Mthuli Ncube Now Charging Tax On Spectacles

The government has implemented a 15% tax on all spectacle frames and lenses, drawing criticism from the public.

Zimbabweans are expressing concern that this tax will exacerbate their already strained finances, particularly affecting the elderly who heavily rely on spectacles for daily activities.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono voiced his discontent, stating, “Out of desperation caused by misplaced political and economic policies, and grand corruption, the Zimbabwean Government has added a 15% tax on all spectacle frames and lenses.” He highlighted the additional 5% customs duty tax, bringing the total increase to 20%, dubbing it the “Eye Tax” and expressing his dismay at the government imposing further financial burdens on spectacle-wearing citizens.

Chin’ono emphasized the essential nature of spectacles, remarking that in “countries with normal governments,” they are not subjected to taxes because they are considered crucial medical instruments. He argued that policies impacting the affordability of essential goods should be carefully reconsidered, as they have broader implications for public health. He added, “Already old people who wear spectacles were struggling because their pensions and savings were looted twice by the same political mafia called ZANUPF!”

Furthermore, Chin’ono criticized the allocation of tax revenue, stating, “The tragedy is that these taxes are taken to big luxury cars and flying in private jets when old people in rural areas are struggling to see because they can’t afford spectacles!”

The Minister of Finance, Economic Development, and Investment Promotion, Prof Mthuli Ncube, introduced the new taxes in the 2024 budget, which also include higher fees for passports, tolls, vehicle imports, sugar, and wealth.

These tax measures have led to price hikes by many companies, exacerbating the financial strain on the Zimbabwean population.

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