Among the many DStv customers in Zimbabwe are successful businesspeople, homemakers, sporting and creative personalities, professionals, artisans and people from just about every walk of life, and in coming weeks and months many of them will be profiled in a new awareness campaign being launched by MultiChoice called #TisuMaShark.

Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, said the idea behind the campaign is to communicate how we create value for our stakeholders, as well as highlight the diversity and characteristics of our customers, showing how their lives can influence other people for the better and how their successes can be emulated.

“Some years ago Stunner and BaShupi had a hit song called TisuMaShark and the campaign has flowed from this,” she said.

“In our campaign we are looking to showing how our customers are leaders and people worth emulating, so the campaign pays homage to their ideas, strengths, successes and exemplary lives.”

The profiles will be gentle insights into the people selected, highlighting how DStv has enriched their lives,  what makes them tick and showing how they contribute to families, businesses, communities and the country as a whole. Some of the profiled people will be known within the wider community, but some may be known only to their families or business circles.

“Although people may think sharks are fearsome beings, it’s not that aspect of these creatures that we are focusing on,” said Ms Dziva.

“They are sharp, savvy, decisive and have many positive characteristics, so it is that highly positive aspect of the shark which we wish to platform through our look at our own ‘Shark Tribe’ in Zimbabwe.

“A print and online campaign will feature regular profiles and this will be sustained so that a variety of people can be platformed, reminding everyone reading them that despite the many challenges of life in general, and the reality of the Covid era in particular, there is in each of us a driver who can lead and a personality who can succeed. We wish for #TisuMaShark to be inspiring and positive.”

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