Musician “Arrival” Abandons Drug Use

Musician “Arrival” Abandons Drug Use

Guruve based Zimdancehall chanter Prince “Arrival” Mbavari is back in the game after being knocked down by drugs.

Arrival told Bulawayo24.com that he joined the drug world in 2019 and only to be brought back to music in 2023 after shunning drugs.

“I am back in the music industry after 4 years of joining the drug world, l should say those were wasted years,” Arrival said.

Music promoter and Guruve hotel proprietor Monica “Mai Mabhena” Chikanda brought back Arrival in the game.

” I was doing drugs in Harare and Mai Mabhena took me back to music this year and she has helped me a lot both financially and socially,” he added.

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Mai Mabhena is currently sponsoring Arrival to record and perfom on various shows.

Arrival is currently working on his fifth album titled “Ngende ngende” with First touch records in Mudhindo Guruve.

On Saturday he gave a polished performance at Guruve hotel at a Zimdancehall clash where rising artistes like Redman,Fisco K, Empress Fafy and Barn YK mesmerized fans.

Mai Mabhena promised to host more Zimdancehall shows.

“I will conduct more of Zimdancehall shows in a bid to protect youths from drugs,” she said.

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