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 Mvuma Men Sentenced for Theft from Blackie a Canadian National

In a recent court ruling, two men from Mvuma, Sibanda Bornface (36) and Mark Vavarirai (29) of Dangarendove, have been sentenced to 24 months in prison each for theft from a Canadian national, Kevin Paul Blackie (63), who had set up camp in the small mining town.

The theft occurred when the accused stole various items, including US$2,100, ZAR1,000, 1,000 Canadian dollars, a laptop valued at US$800, and Canadian passports from Blackie.Mvuma Magistrate Constance Mtandwa presided over the case and suspended six months of the sentence on the condition that the two men refrain from committing similar offenses for the next five years. Additionally, another six months were suspended on the condition that they pay restitution of USD$1,330 and ZAR 1,000. Consequently, the accused will serve an effective 12 months in prison.

According to prosecutor Takudzwa Mutyavaviri, the incident took place on February 28, 2024, around 7 pm, when the accused devised a plan to steal from their friend, the complainant. Blackie had set up a tent for habitation on his stand in Dangarendove.

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Using an unknown sharp object, the two men tore the pitched tent, allowing one of them to reach inside and steal a briefcase containing the stolen items before fleeing the scene.

Upon discovering the theft, Blackie promptly reported the incident to the police. As a result, US$300 and 130 Canadian dollars were recovered from Sibanda, while US$470 and $400 Canadian dollars were found in possession of Vavarirai.

The sentencing serves as a reminder of the consequences of criminal behavior and underscores the importance of upholding the rule of law within the community.

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