Mwonzora and Tshabangu React as Chamisa Paints Bulawayo Offices Blue

In a heated struggle for control over the Bulawayo party offices, supporters of Nelson Chamisa are embroiled in a bitter conflict with a rival faction from the Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) and the MDC.

The offices, formerly belonging to the MDC and later the MDC Alliance before being claimed by the CCC, underwent a surprising transformation on Monday night, with their yellow paint replaced by blue.

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Residents of Bulawayo were taken aback on Tuesday morning by the unexpected sight of the once-yellow offices now adorned in blue, prominently featuring a portrait of Nelson Chamisa.  Speculation has arisen that Chamisa may be preparing to launch a new party, with blue as its chosen color.

MDC leader Douglas Mwonzora swiftly entered the fray, asserting ownership of the offices and expressing his outrage at what he perceived as a takeover by Chamisa’s faction.

In a recorded audio statement, Mwonzora voiced his concern, stating, “Yesterday (Tuesday), we woke up and realized that some criminals have invaded and painted our Bulawayo offices blue.”

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