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Mysterious Witch Crash-Lands in Sewage Stream, Raises Eyebrows in Budiriro West

Mysterious Witch Crash-Lands in Sewage Stream, Raises Eyebrows in Budiriro West

In a bizarre incident that left residents in Budiriro West stunned, an elderly woman believed to be a witch crash-landed in a sewage stream near Cabs houses, sparking curiosity and disbelief among the locals.

News of the fallen witch quickly spread throughout the neighborhood, prompting a rush of residents eager to catch a glimpse of the strange occurrence.

The unidentified woman, captured in a video obtained by a local publication, claimed that she had flown from Chiawa/Chiaba, a town located along the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe, in a flying saucer before crash-landing in a stream filled with sewage in the early hours of Thursday.

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In the video, the woman, who remains unidentified, recounted her harrowing experience, stating that she nearly drowned but managed to survive. Maria Chiwesi, a resident in the area known as Mukomboni, discovered the disoriented woman during her early morning duties and immediately alerted her neighbors.

Concerned for the woman’s well-being, Chiwesi and other residents provided her with decent clothing and fulfilled her request for food, specifically porridge, as she mentioned that she couldn’t eat sadza due to her sensitive stomach.

Amidst the astonishment expressed by witnesses, the woman expressed her surprise at the amusement surrounding her fall, claiming that such occurrences are not extraordinary in her area and are familiar to the local population.

Startlingly, the woman admitted to being a witch and became visibly irritated by people recording videos of her. She further revealed that she had been married in Zvimba, Zimbabwe, but had been living in Zambia, leaving her children behind. She expressed concern for her husband and daughter-in-law, fearing that they may face dire consequences due to a spell she had cast and must reverse promptly to prevent harm.

Following the incident, the police were called to the scene and subsequently transported the woman to Budiriro 2 police station for further investigation. The means by which she will return to her location of origin remains uncertain at this time.

Authorities are now working to uncover the truth behind this peculiar incident and determine the woman’s identity, as well as the circumstances surrounding her claims.

The case has generated significant attention and speculation within the community, leaving many residents puzzled and eager to learn more about this extraordinary event.


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