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Neighbor Of Kelly Khumalo Finally Reveals Secrets

Neighbor Of Kelly Khumalo Finally Reveals Secrets

In a dramatic twist during the trial of Senzo Meyiwa’s murder, the third state witness, Nthabiseng Mokete, Kelly Khumalo’s neighbor and a key eyewitness, took the stand at the Pretoria High Court on Wednesday.

Mokete recounted the fateful night when the former Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana skipper was fatally shot, providing crucial details that illuminated the chaotic scene. She vividly described the moment when Zandi Khumalo, distressed, urgently approached her, pleading for assistance in calling an ambulance. The atmosphere was tense as Mokete recalled the frantic exchange, painting a picture of the immediate aftermath of the tragic incident in Vosloorus.

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During her testimony, Mokete revealed a tense encounter with her friend inside a parked car outside her home, where they disagreed over the nature of sounds they had heard. Mokete recognized the distinct sound of gunshots, drawing on her upbringing near a hostel where she became familiar with such sounds. The argument escalated as another gunshot rang out, confirming Mokete’s initial assessment.

Sensing danger, Mokete noticed three men running towards a nearby park after the gunfire. She suggested to her friend that they exit the car, interpreting the men’s movements as an attempt to distance themselves from the source of the gunshots. The drama continued as Zandi Khumalo, in a state of panic, sprinted towards Mokete’s car, urgently imploring them to call an ambulance for the injured Senzo.

Mokete painted a vivid picture of the chaotic scene, describing Khumalo’s yard from her vantage point in the parked vehicle. Zandi Khumalo’s desperate cries echoed as she conveyed the shocking news of Senzo’s shooting, adding distress to the already tense situation.

Amid the pandemonium, Mokete and her friend decided to follow the vehicle transporting Senzo Meyiwa to the nearby Botshelong Hospital, where they witnessed the heart-wrenching sight of the injured footballer being placed on a stretcher and rushed into the medical facility.

Mokete’s emotional testimony reached a poignant moment as she tearfully recounted entering a room at the hospital and discovering that despite the efforts of the medical staff, Senzo Meyiwa could not be revived.

The courtroom was filled with a somber atmosphere as Mokete’s testimony unfolded, providing crucial details about the immediate aftermath of the tragic incident. Khaya Ngcatshe, Kelly Khumalo’s next-door neighbor, also shared his traumatic experience as a community member attempting to pursue the alleged perpetrators fleeing into a nearby park.

He expressed the deep impact of witnessing Meyiwa’s lifeless body, emphasizing the emotional toll it took on him due to the footballer’s heroic status in the community. The trial continues in the Pretoria High Court, with each witness bringing forth vital information to unravel the mystery surrounding Senzo Meyiwa’s untimely death.

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