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Nelson Chamisa Feels Abandoned by Former Allies

Nelson Chamisa Former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader is feeling abandoned and betrayed by what he perceives as piecemeal adjustments to the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States. This sentiment is exacerbated by Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema’s public acknowledgment of the dividends of SADC’s anti-sanctions campaign.

In response to the Biden administration’s announcement, President Hichilema praised the termination of the Zimbabwe Sanctions Program, signaling a shift in regional engagement. However, this move has left Chamisa feeling isolated, as he expected support from his former allies.


A close confidante of Chamisa revealed that he was disconcerted by a photograph showing President Hichilema shaking hands with President Mnangagwa, undermining his efforts to keep Zimbabwe isolated. Chamisa had hoped for public support from Hichilema, but the Zambian President prioritized broader regional stability.

Moreover, Chamisa perceives the easing of sanctions as a sign of President Biden’s leniency towards Mnangagwa’s government. He suspects clandestine consultations between Hichilema and Mnangagwa to sideline him politically.

Despite these setbacks, Chamisa finds reassurance in the unwavering support promised by allies within the SADC Secretariat. However, his attempts to reach out to Chamisa directly were unsuccessful as he remained unreachable.

In other news, Finance, Economic Development, and Investment Promotion Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube, reiterated the government’s commitment to promoting the use of the domestic currency. Speaking at a briefing on the ongoing United Nations Economic Commission for African Ministers of Finance and Economic Development, Minister Ncube emphasized the importance of domestic currency in conducting proper macroeconomic policies.

He highlighted the benefits that certain sectors of the private sector have experienced from using the local currency, citing increased competitiveness in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the cooking oil sector.

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