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New Details Emerge On Mufakose Child Murder

New Details Emerge On Mufakose Child Murder

A horrific incident unfolded on Sunday night when a man, identified as Thomas Nyamhunga, flew into a fit of rage and brutally attacked his girlfriend’s three children, resulting in the death of one child and severe injuries to another.

The shocking act took place in Mufakose, and it has now emerged that the mother of the children, Needmore Mauka, was away in Ngezi supporting her favorite team, Dynamos, in the Chibuku Super Cup final.

It was initially believed that Nyamhunga’s violent outburst was triggered by a false belief that Mauka was in the company of another man.

However, it later emerged that Mauka was innocently attending a football match while Nyamhunga, her married lover, unleashed the horrifying attack on her unsuspecting children.

Emmanuel Tinenyasha Mauka (5) tragically lost his life in the assault, while Andile Tawananyasha Mauka (8) is currently fighting for survival at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital. The third child managed to escape the chaos and promptly alerted neighbors.

In a heart-wrenching revelation, Needmore Mauka expressed regret over her relationship with Nyamhunga, citing his refusal to end the affair despite his wife discovering their illicit involvement.

Mauka disclosed that Nyamhunga, familiar to her children, arrived at her home in the evening, instructing the children to prepare food. Subsequently, he ordered them to bed, concealing his sinister intentions of harming them.

Tragically, he shared a bed with Emmanuel before fatally stabbing him. Needmore Mauka recounted receiving threatening messages from Nyamhunga’s wife, Mai Alice, regarding their affair. Despite attempting to end the relationship, Nyamhunga persisted and even suggested Mauka relocate to avoid his wife.

The chilling events unfolded after a heated phone conversation between Mauka and Nyamhunga earlier in the day. Mauka believes the exchange may have provoked him to commit the heinous act. Nyamhunga, a meat vendor from Mufakose, reportedly fled the scene after Mauka’s 12-year-old daughter managed to escape.

Source: H-metro

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