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Newly-Deployed Teacher Raped in Zhombe: Community Mobilizes to Identify Perpetrator

Newly-Deployed Teacher Raped in Zhombe: Community Mobilizes to Identify Perpetrator

A recently deployed teacher at a school in Zhombe, Kwekwe District, fell victim to a brutal sexual assault by an unknown assailant in a Blair toilet at the teachers’ cottage just after sunrise on the opening day of school.

Confirming the disturbing incident, Kwekwe District Schools Inspector (DSI) Herbert Maziriri stated, “I can confirm that we received a report to the effect that a female teacher who had just been deployed was sexually assaulted by an unknown man. The matter is now in the hands of the police as we speak.

As of now, the police in the Midlands Province have not provided immediate comments, citing that they are yet to receive the formal report.

According to a local councillor, the assault occurred at around 6 AM when the teacher was heading to the toilet. The councillor shared details, saying, “According to information we have, she had woken up to go to the toilet when the man pounced on her and raped her in the toilet. The incident has left the community gutted, and we are working as a community to try and identify the perpetrator because we cannot let such a thing happen in our midst.”

This appalling incident adds to the alarming statistics highlighted by the Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC) a few years ago, revealing that at least 22 women were being raped daily in the country. On average, one rape occurred every 75 minutes, translating to approximately 646 women being violated each month.

In response to such heinous crimes, Zimbabwe has established Adult Rape Clinics (ARCs) in government and private hospitals to provide specialized care for victims of rape and sexual assault.

Authorities strongly encourage rape victims to visit these dedicated clinics for comprehensive support, emphasizing their importance over general hospitals or clinics whenever possible.

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