Ngoni Kambarame for UK tour

Ngoni kambarame

Ngoni Kambarame will tour the United Kingdom on August 26 this year where he is going to hold a show in Birmingham courtesy of DreamTeam entertainment.

The Angela hit maker will share the stage with Heavy K a ‘ South African ‘ artist, Zim dancehall stable Judgement Yard and Titan.

Speaking to showbiz Ngoni expressed a jovial feeling since it is his second time performing in the UK.

“It’s my second time to hold a show in the UK and I can’t wait for the show therefore I assure yet another best performance in the foreign land and this is an opportunity for me to reboot my name on the international market.

“It’s an opportunity to mingle and mix with our fans in the Diaspora and as well market our music on the international grounds”, he said.

He also applauded the positive response coming in from  fans and promised videos of his latest album before the year ends.

“I am very humbled by the response which my music is getting and I really thank God for that.

“I am currently working on the videos of my latest album which I released   this year titled ‘Werudo Ungamudii”, explained Kambarame.

Kambarami’s international manager Tapiwa Tapera said that they are giving local artists opportunity to explore their talent on the international market.

“We are giving musicians a chance to show the world what they can do best and I believe this show will take people’s memories back”, said Tapera.

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