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Nyau Dancers attacks Zengeza 2 Students

THUGS, allegedly Nyau dancers, twice barged into Zengeza 2 High School and viciously attacked students, leaving several nursing wounds.

The hoodlums are allegedly Nyau dancers from St. Mary’s Kumapositori neighborhood.

According to reports, they broke down a few precast wall panels to get inside the school, where they beat students and took their laptops and smartphones.

A teacher who went by the name Mr. Sibiya told local publication that the event had been reported to the police, who are now looking into it.

Sibiya stated, “There were several hooligans who stormed the school and attacked some students.

“Police are currently handling the situation, and the precast wall panels that were damaged are being rebuilt.

On the day the thugs terrorized students in their classrooms, “a lot of teachers were absent attending a funeral,” he claimed.

Students protested outside the school administration building for failing to stop bullying that was still occurring there.

A teacher, who identified himself as Mr Sibiya, told local publication the incident was reported to the police, who are conducting investigations.

“There is a lot of bullying at the school,” said one of the learners.

“We demonstrated against school authorities for not taking action since a number of these ugly incidents took place in front of their eyes.

Vana veForm 2 vakarohwa vakatarisa uye hakazi kekutanga kuti vanhu vanopinda pachikoro vachirova vana.

“We are appealing for urgent attention on this matter because some of the pupils are now hesitant to come to school.

“School authorities fear these so-called Nyau dancers, but we cannot be exposed to such brutality.

“Deputy head tavaudza vakati madii kutiza. Our security at school is compromised, and we are not safe,” said the pupil.

The attack followed a fight between two students over a hat.

One of the pupils, from the Mapositori area in St Mary’s, is believed to have called the Nyau dancers to attack other learners, in retaliation.

The school has had its fair share of violent incidents.

A student from Zengeza 2 High combined with his pals to attend a private school in Manyame Park, where he killed a student with a knife last year.

When an local publication crew arrived at the school yesterday, two police officers were on patrol.

The precast wall that had been damaged was also being repaired.