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Obvious Mutani to release 10th album

Obvious Mutani to release 10th album

By Kundai Marunya

Musician Obvious Mutani will on Monday celebrate the ‘return’ of Sungura music with a new offering titled Zvirikunakira Mukati.

The six track album, his second this year comes at a time the genre’s godfather Alick Macheso has a fairly received album Tsoka Dzerwendo after years of drought.

Zvirikunakira Mukati will be launched during the Jam Session at City Sports Bar on August 1.

Mutani said the album is a celebration of the fall of dancehall music and the resurrection of Sungura.

“Earlier this year I dropped an album taking dancehall head on. Ndakaramba kuti Sungura irohwe ne dancehall ini ndiripo (I couldn’t let Sungura be beat by dancehall while I’m here),” Mutani said.

“With other musicians like Macheso we took the fight to the genre that had dominated and we have won.”

Mutani’s album features songs including the title track, Mapinda Muchirongwa, Imbwa Dzinoruma, Makudo, Amanda and Ndakakutarisirayi.

He is however vying for Mapinda Muchirongwa to be widely received.

The controversial song is creatively woven in a talk show format borrowing a catchy phrase from popular Mai Chisamba Show as a title.

“The world is bemoaning the spread of HIV mainly because there are more women than men. The women that then become small houses and side chicks are ridiculed by society being called different names,” said Mutani.

“In the song different characters including Sinyoro, Madzibaba VekwaMarange, and Gumbura will be trying to come up with a right ratio of women per men airing their different views.”

Mutani says the Marange church is right in having polygamous relationships as they do ‘a service to the community.’

Meanwhile, Mutani has engaged a new manager Privillege Gwandira (pictured). “We met at a show she had organised and I was pleased with how he had conducted her business so I approached her,” he said.

Gwandira is Mutani’s first manager after a long time of self-management.