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 Passion Java and Mike Chimombe Reported to Police Following Alleged Involvement in Assault

Controversial cleric Passion Java and businessman Mike Chimombe have come under scrutiny after being accused of orchestrating an attack on a local businessman at Rainbow Towers hotel in Harare on Wednesday night.

According to reports, the victim, Andrew Manongore, was allegedly assaulted by thugs believed to have been hired by Java and Chimombe. The altercation is said to have been triggered by derogatory remarks made by Manongore about Chimombe’s financial status.

There are also unconfirmed rumors suggesting that Java harbored resentment towards Manongore for allegedly being involved with model Hillary Makaya, who is reportedly associated with Java.

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The incident, which has been reported to Harare Central Police Station under IR 030777, is being investigated as a case of assault. Sources indicate that the attackers not only assaulted Manongore but also robbed him of US$18,000 during the altercation.

Furthermore, it is alleged that Chimombe brandished a firearm during the confrontation, heightening the severity of the incident.

Despite attempts to reach Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi for comment, there has been no response so far.

The reported involvement of Java and Chimombe in this incident has raised concerns and sparked public interest, highlighting the need for thorough investigation and accountability in matters of assault and violenceHome – ZiMetro News

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