Patience Gumbo Diving in the Sea of Love

 Tsitsi Ndabambi

 Poet, author, musician and voice over artist Lingiwe Patience Gumbo is indeed swimming in the sea of love. “Chamunyurududu” is her latest track that she released on Wednesday 4 November 2020. The mellow song is laced with some soft romantic rap lyrics at the beginning followed by the mellow voice of Patience.

“Chamunyurududu”  is my latest single which is part of my second album titled “Gratitude”. The song was inspired by a poem called “Dive”, that I wrote last year. It is part of my poems anthology titled Words of Life. The essence of the song is to dive into the sea of love. A call to love another even though one might have met with heart breaks along the way. I pray that everyone finds the one their heart skips a beat for and loves fully,” said Patience. “I feature a friend and sister, hip hop artist D-Blok Keislim on the track which was produced at Dreamstation by Tererai Musuka.”

D-Blok Keislim

Chamunyurududu is already promising to be a love anthem of the airwaves and to seal and restore broken relationships given that people give their ears to the rich lyrics from beginning to end.

 Born on 25 October, the multi-talented Patience is an administrator and secretary by profession.She serves at Anglican Church as a volunteer teacher-advisor for adolescents making use of her passion of nurturing and empowering young people and help them live out their  individual dreams.

Gumbo’s poems are featured in various online platforms such as;,,,