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Peter better a footballer

Peter a better footballer

By Nigel Pfunde

Jazz outfit Cutting Edges lead vocalist Chiyani Tom Dholomoni has made sensational claims that he is the late Tongai Moyo’s mentor.

Dholomoni was speaking to Showbiz on Sunday on the sidelines of his gig at Las Vegas Night Club where he had no kind words for Dhewa’s heir Peter who he said was better as a footballer than a musician.

He said Peter has been unable to steer the Utakataka Express outfit to dizzy heights where his father had left.

In an unsolicited interview with Showbiz, Dholomoni said he taught the late Dhewa how to play the guitar in the 1980s.

“Tongai stayed with his grandmother at number 37 in Mbizo and we were neighbours. When were at Chiedza Primary School I made our first guitar and I taught him how to play the guitar,” revealed Dholomoni.

He went on to reveal that the late Tongai was Leonard Dembo’s big fan.

“Tongai loved Dembo’s music and every time Dembo came to Kwekwe he would jump on stage,” recalled Dholomoni.

He said he used to rehearse with the late Tongai at his brother’s house.

“Tongai’s brother Farai had a big house in Mbizo Section 7 so we would go there and rehearse. Farai was very supportive and he is the one who took Peter to South Africa to nurture his football skills,” narrated Dholomoni.

He said Peter was a better footballer than a musician.

“Peter cannot fit into his father’s shoes in music, maybe if he pursues soccer that’s where he does better. I don’t know much about him though,” said Dholomoni.

The late Dhewa succumbed to cancer in 2011 and his son Peter took over the stewardship of his band Utakataka Express.

Peter has retained most of the original Utakataka Express band members and has released two albums that were received with mixed feelings.

The late Dhewa’s fans have been supportive to Peter but five years after his father’s death- he is still to make the grade.

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