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Peter Dube of Triple Murder Finally Caught in Ireland After Two-Year On The Run

For a span of two years, Peter Dube skillfully eluded the grasp of justice.

However, his evasion came to an end when authorities in Ireland apprehended him last June.

He had been a fugitive from Zimbabwean law enforcement, wanted in connection with three murders committed in 2021.

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He fled Zimbabwe on the night of April 23, 2021, to South Africa after he fatally shot Shelton Chinhango, Gamuchirai Mudungwe and Nyaradzo Nharingo at Bensam Flats in central Gweru.

Peter Dube also shot his second wife Nyasha Nharingo who, however, was luck to survive. His younger brother, Advance Dube and Justina Nomatter Chawana, Dube’s first wife, witnessed the incident.

They filed a police report in Gweru. 

Despite managing to escape immediate capture for those crimes, he was eventually taken into custody in Ireland on unrelated charges.

Under the guise of a new identity, Xolile Mtsali, Dube had successfully evaded detection after fleeing Zimbabwe following the fatal shooting of three individuals and injuring another.

His flight from justice involved changing identities and seeking asylum in Ireland, with a brief detour to Eswatini to obtain a new passport.

Despite his efforts to remain undetected, law enforcement agencies persisted, culminating in his arrest facilitated by a Red Notice issued through Interpol.

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