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Police Foil Scam, Recover GZU Student’s Stolen Fees in Masvingo

In Masvingo, vigilant police officers stationed at the High Court averted a potential scam, leading to the recovery of a Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) student’s lost fees amounting to US$260 in a matter of minutes.

Perpins Maguraushe (19), a GZU student, had just exited CBZ Bank when he was approached by a man and a woman, later identified as Langton Gundu (40) of Madzura Village in Hurungwe and Constance Amidu (35) of Burundushi Federation in Chinhoyi, respectively.

Police, keeping a watchful eye, noticed a suspicious exchange taking place as the trio separated. Acting swiftly, officers intercepted them before Gundu attempted to flee but was promptly apprehended by Constables Johannes Josiah and Together Hwenje. The three individuals were then escorted to the High Court guardroom for further questioning.

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Initially denying any wrongdoing, all three suspects, including the university student, insisted that no illicit activity had occurred. However, under pressure from the authorities, the student eventually revealed the truth: the suspects had duped him into believing they were involved in foreign currency exchange and had requested to inspect his money. Unbeknownst to him, they had slyly stolen his funds.

Upon investigation, Amidu was found in possession of the missing US$260. Subsequently, Gundu and Amidu were taken into custody and are scheduled to spend the night at Masvingo Central Police cells before facing court proceedings the following day.

Masvingo Deputy Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Bright Simbi confirmed the incident, highlighting the importance of vigilance and swift action in thwarting criminal activitiesHome – ZiMetro News

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