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Police Officer Evades Arrest After Accepting Bull As Bribe

Police Officer Evades Arrest After Accepting Bull as Bribe

Charles Makaha, a police officer stationed at Nyangambe base in Mkwasine, Chiredzi, is currently on the run after allegedly accepting a bull as a bribe in exchange for releasing a suspect from custody.

Makaha, aged 34, is accused of taking delivery of the prized bull from Nyevero Mapurisa after threatening to imprison Mapurisa’s son, Thomas Masingwini, indefinitely for an undisclosed crime.

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The incident led Makaha to appear before Regional Magistrate Judith Zuyu on charges of criminal abuse of office as a public officer.

According to the state’s case, on December 5, 2023, Makaha arrested Thomas, prompting Mapurisa to visit the Nyangambe police base to check on his detained son.

Upon arrival, Makaha allegedly approached Mapurisa and demanded a bull in exchange for releasing his son or sending him to prison.

After Mapurisa complied with Makaha’s demand and his son was released, he promptly reported the incident to the police, leading to Makaha’s subsequent arrest.

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Although Makaha was remanded to January 31, 2024, he failed to appear in court and is currently evading authorities. Makaha, who has served as a policeman for 10 years, remains at large.

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