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Police Officers Accused of Safe Theft Granted Legal Respite

Five police officers facing allegations of theft  US$70,000 from a recovered safe have seen their case taken off further remand.

In previous publication ,Prosecutors told the Court that Chidyamudungwe and Muzarabani allegedly received a tip-off from an informant that there was a stolen safe containing an undisclosed amount of money and jewellery which had been discovered by police detectives from a certain house in Vainona, Harare.

It is alleged that during the investigations the duo interviewed other four police officers who are already in custody and were told the whereabouts of the cash.

It further alleged that the accused persons proceeded to the house of the chief suspect identified as Chriswell Fainoza where they recovered cash amounting to US$14 000.

Reports that instead of booking the whole amount in police records as an exhibit, the duo reportedly took US$8 000, gave Fainoza US$2 000 and surrendered US$4 000.

This was after the first four police officers to investigate the case had already taken their share of the loot and left Fainoza with the US$14 000.

The matter came to light on July 12 following investigations by detectives from the CID Homicide, leading to the arrest of the suspects

Representing the State, Anesu Chirenje requested the removal of the case from remand, stating that the officers would be summoned back to court if necessary.

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The implicated officers, Edward Mateta, Tinashe Matongo, Princess Mavis Matikiti, Costa Davison, and Rodrick Njanja Libodzi, were affiliated with CID Borrowdale and appeared before regional magistrate Donald Ndirowei.

According to court proceedings, on July 8, around 6 pm, the officers received intel suggesting that Viola Mutumbu had purportedly stolen a safe containing US$70,000 and jewelry valued at US$10,000 from a residence at Number 2 Harvey Close in Belvedere.

Upon learning that Mutumbu had entrusted the safe to Chriswell Fainoza for safekeeping, the officers apprehended Mutumbu and retrieved the safe from Fainoza.

Subsequently, they released Mutumbu before allegedly breaking into the safe and absconding with US$70,000 and jewelry.

Reportedly, Fainoza received US$4,000 as his portion before reporting the incident to the authorities.

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