President Mnangagwa Commits to Gukurahundi Resolution

President Mnangagwa ,In a significant step towards addressing the historical wounds of Gukurahundi, has lauded the progress made in preparation for public hearings scheduled to commence in the first quarter of the year. Affirming the Second Republic’s dedication to finding a lasting solution, the President emphasized the victim-centered approach to the process.

The upcoming public hearings, led by chiefs within their communities, aim to confront the legacy of Gukurahundi, a tumultuous period of violence affecting parts of Matabeleland and Midlands provinces in the 1980s. President Mnangagwa, addressing the Chiefs Council during the fourth interface at State House in Bulawayo, reiterated his commitment to fostering national unity through internal processes.

“We are determined to ensure the process is efficient and vigorous, with the best interests of the people in mind. Our commitment to a victim-centered approach remains steadfast, ensuring that the process is not just efficient but also emphatic,” stated President Mnangagwa.

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The President highlighted the initiation of the resolution process in February 2019, entrusting the National Council of Chiefs to lead the effort after extensive consultations. He urged vigilance against external influences that might disrupt the process, emphasizing the need to protect national unity from internal and external detractors.

Commending the Chiefs Council for their hard work, President Mnangagwa announced that an advanced stage had been reached in the implementation of the Gukurahundi resolution initiative. A comprehensive report and a manual guiding the conduct of victim-friendly public hearings have been developed through extensive consultations.



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